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I made three mixes on these three characters: Ryuko, Satuski, and Mako! Please listen to them on 8tracks in the links below.
Ryuko - The Dust Of My Father
Circle - Slipknot "Give me the dust of my father"
Coming Home - Avenged Sevenfold "I’ve stood in hell where many had to suffer"
Broken, Beat, And Scarred - Metallica "Dawn the death the fight to the final breath"
Revolution Is My Name - Pantera "It’s time to change, It can’t stay the same, Revolution is my name"
I’m Alive - Disturbed "They kill inspiration, It’s my obligation, To never again allow this to happen"
Take No Prisoners - Megadeth "Take no prisoners, take no shit"
Matter Of Time - Five Finger Death Punch "Your day will come, It’s just a matter of time"
Now Or Never - Three Days Grace "Where’s the truth for us to use, cause all we seem to do is lose"
Satuski - Around My neck
St. Anger - Metallica "I’m madly in anger with you"
Keep It In The Family - Anthrax "I yell, I refuse to live in your hell, I am what you fear"
Welcome To The Family - Avenged Sevenfold "It’s our war; In the end we’ll surely lose but that’s alright"
Crown of Worms - Megadeth "Surrounding myself with misery, Draw curtains heavy of my history"
The Game - Disturbed "Do you think that we can play another game, Maybe I can win this time"
Points Of Authority - Linkin Park "Forfeit the game before somebody else takes you out of the frame" 
Hard To See - Five Finger Death Punch "Can’t explain why it’s so hard to see your side"
Out Of Line - Device "You try to justify the pain that you’ve brought, but you’re out of line"
Mako - Silent..? MOTORBREATH!
The Misinterpretation of Silence and Its Disastrous Consequences - Type O Negative
Motorbreath - Metallica "How I live my life, I can’t take it any other way"
Right Before Your Eyes - Hoobastank "I need you to trust who I’m gonna be and in everything I’m going to do"
Land of Confusion - Disturbed "I remember long ago when the sun was shining"
Think About You - Guns N’ Roses "The love we shared is lovin’ that’ll last forever"
House Of The Rising Sun - Five Finger Death Punch "Oh mother tell your children not to do what I have done"
Holy Diver - Dio "You’re the star of the masquerade, no need to look so afraid"
Revolution Screams - Anthrax "Hope springs eternally, Revolution calls and empires fall"

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